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Grow your business

Post your deals, discounts, coupons or special offers on waziggle and be found by consumers looking for just that.

waziggle lets consumers search and share deals in their area. waziggle works with mobile devices, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers.

Claim your deals that may already be posted by members of the waziggle community.

waziggle lists all deals. A "deal" is a discount, coupon, sale price or special offer. It can be a new deal or a discount you already advertise. It can a be one-time or an ongoing deal.

Advertising is expensive, waziggle isn't

With the average cost of traditional advertising media steadily increasing, waziggle offers a cost effective way to get the deals you offer on your products or services in front of the right consumers. A small print ad in a local newspaper can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, running for just one day.

By using the strategy of crowd marketing, waziggle allows you to benefit from its overall marketing campaign. What you save in advertising can be put towards a deal to offer new customers.

waziggle plans are priced based on the number of locations you have which makes it very affordable for every small business up to large corporations.

Your customers are mobile, are you?

56% of all mobile device users access the internet. waziggle was specifically desgined for use on mobile devices to give consumers greater convenience to search for deals in their area.

Get more customers

waziggle is a powerful way to gain new customers. Presenting them with highly relevant deals and discounts in the area they're searching can radically improve your bottom line.

Advertising on waziggle gets you in front of consumers looking for exactly what your deal offers. It only takes a few minutes to setup your business account. Post your deals, which go live immediately, and start advertising via mobile today.

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Give it a try. There's no risk to post your deals on waziggle today.

  • No setup or cancellation fees
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Economy Basic Premium Enterprise
Price $9.99/mo $14.99/mo $19.99/mo $29.99/mo
Locations limit* 1 3 5 10
Deals limit** unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Displayed in search results unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Free trial 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
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*The number of physical locations your account can have. The Enterprise plan starts with a limit of 10 locations however, additional locations can be added at $5 each per month.
**This is the most deals (deals, discounts, coupons or specials) you can have running at one time.

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